Friday, September 14, 2018

Violent Islamist Extremism Caused 84,023 Deaths in 2017: Report

A new report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change determined that at least 84,023 people in 66 countries across the globe died as a result of violent Islamist Extremism in 2017.

Among the key findings:
  • Violent Islamist extremism is a global problem
  • Intentional attacks on civilians killed over 6,000 people
  • Countries most affected: Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan
  • Executions and suicide attacks are common tactics
  • Many women orchestrate deadly attacks against civilians
  • Syria remains the epicenter for violent Islamist extremism
The solution, the report said, is to fight the underlying ideology behind the attacks:
Ideology is the greatest tool for the global jihadi movement. The long-term fight against it will need a comprehensive, multifaceted strategy.
Tony Blair said:
Security measures will be vital. But security alone will never be enough. It will only slow the violence. Unless there is a global will to meet the depth of the challenges, the ideology of Islamism will grow—and with it, the violence. It is time to act.

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