Thursday, September 13, 2018

Facebook's Video 'Fact-Checking' Means More Political Censorship

Facebook today announced that it will begin "fact-checking" videos and photographs in an effort to reduce "misinformation in these new visual formats."

Antonia Woodford, Facebook Product Manager, said:
Today, we’re expanding fact-checking for photos and videos to all of our 27 partners in 17 countries around the world (and are regularly on-boarding new fact-checking partners). This will help us identify and take action against more types of misinformation, faster.
The timing comes shortly before midterm elections in November. Facebook has already been accused of censoring right-of-center political figures in an effort to derail their election prospects.

Under cover of fighting "misinformation," Facebook will continue their highly partisan censorship in an effort to swing public opinion and elections to the side of political leftists.

Howls of complaints are already filling the internet from conservatives complaining of Facebook's bias and silencing of opinions with which they disagree. Those howls will turn even louder once videos and photographs are censored for no reason but partisan politics.

YouTube recently announced that it is "fact-checking" videos that question climate change, as if there is no dispute about it, and as if "the science is settled," a nonsensical phrase if ever there was one.

Climate change is one of the most politically-charged topics under the sun, and "fact-checking" those videos has nothing to do with science and everything to do with silencing one side of the political spectrum.

Censorship of conservatives has reached a fever pitch with midterm elections on the horizon. The current situation is unsustainable for the political right for much longer. Is the answer regulation from Congress, or monopoly-busting, or a mass exodus to friendly and fairer social media outlets? That question will need to be answered soon.

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