Thursday, August 6, 2015

Secret Report: Climate Change Poses Serious Threat to Democrats

WASHINGTON, DC (Leary News) - Climate change poses a serious threat to Democratic candidates for public office in the coming decades, according to a secret political report circulated within the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress.

Psychologists warn that the effects of climate change will benefit Republicans in future elections, as a percentage of those identifying as liberals are projected to gradually adopt more conservative political opinions.

"The consensus of opinion is that individuals will be much more flexible in terms of political affiliation and willing to shift from long-term beliefs about social and political issues as a direct result of the effects of global warming, such as rising temperatures and scarcity of resources," said a political insider familiar with the report who wished not to be named.

President Obama recently listed climate change as a top priority of his administration and an "immediate risk to our national security." In February, a report on Obama's national security strategy called global warming "an urgent and growing threat."

However, the urgency behind Obama's war on global warming has more to do with politics rather than national security, according to the insider. "Consider that Obama's policy of allowing more and more illegal immigrants into the country is based on the calculation that most of them will become Democrats," he said. "Now, a report suggests that unchecked global warming will result in more Republicans. Obama needed to protect his goal of a permanent Democrat majority. But he can't talk about these issues in terms of politics because that wouldn't fly with the public."

A recent poll discovered that minorities are strongly in favor of President Obama prioritizing job growth rather than climate change, as many fear new environmental regulations will raise utility rates. "But that poll doesn't take into account that the emphasis on global warming is about politics," the insider said. "And those ramifications are far more important to Obama and the congressional Democrats than rising electricity bills."

Pope Francis raised eyebrows by taking a strong stand against global warming, with some accusing him of playing politics rather than religion. "Francis was lobbied hard behind closed doors by Obama's diplomats to say something about climate change, and he obliged," he said.

According to the secret report, the implications of global warming are staggering from a political and electoral viewpoint. "Democratic Party leaders are scared out of their minds," he said. "Some are skeptical of the report's findings, but many are worried and felt the effects of global warming might nullify all their efforts to bring more illegal immigrants as future reliable Democratic Party voters into the country."

Congressional Republicans contacted for this story said they were unfamiliar with the report and could not comment.

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