Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why Obama Snubbed the Paris March

Many are wondering why President Obama didn't attend the huge 1-million-plus Paris march against terror and in support of the victims of the recent Islamist murders.

Many world leaders made the trip, Jordan bringing its king. Obama, not busy today, declined to attend and instead sent his outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder. Yet apparently not even Holder chose to attend. Instead, US Ambassador to France Jane Hartley represented the US.

It was an event that demanded the attendance of the US president.

But here are the reasons Obama would not want to attend, and they say a lot about his personal failings.

  • Obama wouldn't have been the star of the show but a mere supporting player. The narcissist in him wouldn't allow him to place himself in that kind of situation where he isn't in control and isn't in charge but is "just another leader." It wouldn't surprise me if Obama demanded to be the "keynote speaker" but was rebuffed.
  • Obama never, ever, allows even the suggestion that he is criticizing Islam. And this rally, the direct result of Islamist terror, gives the hint of condemnation of Islam. Obama has studiously avoided mentioning Islam whenever discussing terrorism.
  • Tensions remain with some leaders over the revelations of NSA spying, especially with Germany's Angels Merkel, and Obama's handling of that affair. His relationship with some leaders is in disrepair and he is likely reluctant to face some of them.

It's very telling that while this march took place, Obama announced his own "global security summit," his own event with him and his administration in charge. Unlike the Paris march, Obama will call the shots. He will control the world's response to "extremism" and define who is an extremist and who is the problem. Obama is extremely nervous about the world community condemning Muslims and Islam. He will take steps to turn the criticism in another direction.

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