Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Magazine Shooting a Wake Up Call for Europe's Leaders?

Islamists shot and killed at least 12 staffers of a French satirical magazine called Charlie Hebdo, which had previously included the Prophet Mohammed among its satirical targets.

Political leaders of Europe have been quick to "strongly condemn" the attack, as they always do after any tragedy requiring such words.

This Islamist attack occurs at the same time as the anti-Islamization marches in Germany. European leaders, especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have been quick to condemn those as well, suggesting the marchers are Nazis, even though a third of all Germans expressed support. The Cologne Cathedral shut off its lights in protest of the marchers. It makes one wonder if they will knock out their own lights again in protest of the Paris murders at the hands of pro-Islamizationists?

In recent years, political leaders in Europe and the US have facilitated not only the Islamization of their own countries, but an erasure of their traditional Christian values as well. Was that on a vote ballot in any of these countries--US, Germany, England, France? Did the citizens of those countries vote to destroy their own cultures and have them replaced by the foreign culture of Islam? Did citizens vote in favor of social chaos that these political leaders have overseen?

I think we are seeing the Worst Generation of political leaders when I think of the characters running the US and Western Europe. The incredible societal damage they have caused with their policies and continue with to this day, and all the while they seem oblivious, if not gleeful, of such as assessment of the fallout.

Will the murder of the Paris magazine staff change anything with the politicians? Will we see a change in tone in their absurd descriptions of the anti-Islamization marchers and supporters? I can't say I'm optimistic about that. The overriding agenda of the leaders is clear.

The other question is the response of the "public." The majority of citizens in Europe and the US. Are they fed up with leaders who have declared war on their own citizens in favor of cultures and values they don;t share and never voted on at the ballot box?

Will the Paris magazine murders light an enduring flame or is it just another lit match to be extinguished in a few seconds?

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