Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Obama Still Runs Away from Criticizing Islam

I mentioned a couple days ago that Obama studiously avoids any hint of criticism aimed at Islam, even after the Paris tragedies.

The reasons for that can be conjectured: he is secretly a Muslim himself, his family ties to Islam, the large number of black converts, its reputation as a mostly "non-white" religion would appeal to him as well.

Obama's behavior demands pop psychology interpretations. As the entire world has seen this week, he is almost pathological in his efforts to ignore Islam's violent havoc on the world and pretend it isn't happening. Although in truth, the same could well be said of Europe's leaders.

Obama didn't attend the Paris march not only because it wasn't his show, but because it was an implied criticism of Islam, and that's the only way some of those leaders will ever raise their voices against Islam--silently by marching, not speaking.

On the heels of the Paris march no-show, the White House, through tortuous logic, has indicated that use of the phrase "radical Islam" is inaccurate and shouldn't be used. Without question, that opinion was handed down by Obama to his staff. But French President Hollande has used the phrase himself.

Political correctness isn't an Obama trademark. German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues castigating her own citizens who are marching in larger numbers against Islamic encroachment. Yet reports have surfaced of imminent Islamic threats against Germany. Can she make them vanish with her "we are the world" routine? Will the terrorists go away if she keeps saying Germany is for Muslims? Will anything be left of European democracy and freedom when the Muslims are in a majority?

And in addition to threats against Germany, new warnings in England have emerged and security services are on high alert for possible "beheading"attacks on soldiers and police. Political correctness anyone? Any Muslim terrorists seen at that Paris march shouting "Je Suis Charlie"?

UK politician Nigel Farage has pointed out that France already has many Muslim areas that are no-go for police and non-Muslims. It's as if Obama, Merkel and the rest think the Muslim terror will go away if they continue pretending Islam is a religion of peace, and the extremists aren't really Muslims. They are something else? Like what? There are no phrases in the Koran guiding their behavior?

Obama and Merkel might be interested to know that the President of Egypt has declared that Islamic ideology has driven terrorists to kill worldwide. Perhaps Obama wants to debate him and tell him where he's wrong?

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