Monday, January 12, 2015

News Media Quick with 'Muslims Fear Backlash' After Paris Muslim Terror

Right on cue, the news media was quick to portray Muslims as victims after the latest Islamic terror outrage in Paris.

After every Muslim attack, the mainstream media can be counted on to write fresh new "Muslims Fear Backlash" articles, as commentators have pointed out. It's strange since the Muslims are the ones doing all the killing and are the perpetrators, not the victims. Here are a few:

UK Telegraph: Imam: Muslims Fear Backlash Over Paris Massacre

Voice of America: Muslims Fear Backlash After Paris Shooting

UK Guardian: Muslims Fear Backlash After Charlie Hebdo Deaths As Islamic Sites Attacked

New York Times: After Terrorist Attacks, Many French Muslims Wonder, What Now?

This is just a sampling. I'm sure after the next Muslim terror attack, these same media outlets as well as many others will promptly write more "backlash" articles such as these.

The news media is quick to defend Muslims no matter what the circumstances. The entire world is under seize from Islamic attacks, yet when mass protests against Islamization hit the streets of Germany, the media, en masse, attacked the marchers and their supporters as "Nazis," rather than as millions of normal, concerned citizens tired of Muslim terror and the smashing down of their culture. Here is the latest from the BBC. There are many others.

The so-called "Unity" march in Paris left out the prominent politician Marine Le Pen. And the anti-Islam PEGIDA marches in Germany are still vilified by the leftist press. So, the question is still open whether Europe has reached a turning point in facing Islam or pretending the new Muslims (who by the way constantly attack European Jews, driving them out) all around them are just like any other immigrants.

I think it will take a lot for Europe to face reality. More than what happened in Paris this week.

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