Thursday, January 8, 2015

Imagine If US Police Were Unarmed As in France

The two policemen who were shot and killed by terrorists at the Paris office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo were unarmed.

Apparently French patrolmen by and large are unarmed and unable to defend themselves (and the public) when terrorists strike, as happened in Paris so recently.

Was there some unstated agreement with terrorists and criminals that if the police are unarmed, they must not carry guns and shoot anyone? No. I'm not seeing that.

Isn't it the job of the police to protect the public? Is it not a fact that it is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals? How then do police "protect the public" if they are unarmed but terrorists have guns?

Imagine if the New York police force were unarmed. Or the police of any major US city. Imagine the crime and the murders on top of what we have already. Imagine how many police across the country would be dead. Last year, that total was over 100 but without guns? At least a thousand cops would die every year. What would stop the criminals? Shame? Their personal code of ethics?

France has already ceded control of many neighborhoods in many cities to Islamists. So many concessions have already been made to Islamists is if they are somehow special and deserve special rights above and beyond anyone else.

When the North Korea Sony hack was analyzed, it was said a Cyber War is on and the West is losing it.

There is a war between Islam and the West as well, cyber or not. And the West is losing the war. And anyone who objects to the Islamization of any country in the West is accused of "Islamophobia" as if disagreeing with Islam is irrational.

The elected politicians of the West are leading the way into this cultural suicide. It's as if politicians believe that whoever is the most violent and fanatical should win the spoils of war and make the rules. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Is there any path back to sanity?

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