Monday, January 26, 2015

FBI Busts Russian Spy Ring in New York City

The FBI busted a Russian spy ring in New York City, charging 3 men with attempts to collect economic intelligence and to recruit New York City residents as intelligence sources.

The 3 men:

  • Evgeny Buryakov
  • Igor Sporyshev 
  • Victor Podobnyy
Buryakov was arrested without incident. The other 2 are no longer in the United States but had diplomatic immunity when they were here.

A copy of the FBI complaint is at the New York Post article.

The Justice Department issued a statement announcing charges against the spy ring.

The spy ring apparently emanated from a much larger operation called "The Illegals" that the FBI busted in 2010, which served as an inspiration for the FX TV show "The Americans."

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