Friday, January 9, 2015

Europe, US Must Move to the Right After Charlie Hebdo Attack

The biggest danger Europe and the US faces is continuing to pretend Islam is not a terminal danger to democracy and all the values Western society holds dear.

Already, the mainstream media outlet Reuters has tried to portray the attack on the Paris newspaper office of Charlie Hebdo as nothing more than "criminal" unrelated to terrorism and a war between Islam and the West.

At least one of the terrorists has said he was following his orders from Al Qaeda. And at least one expert has said this is Al Qaeda's way of fighting for recruits in the face of competition from ISIS.

The killers were Muslims, and they acted out of their religious Islamic faith. Will you hear any political leader say that?

Political leaders in Europe, and their friends in the leftist news media, portray anti-Islamization marchers in Germany as "Nazis." Name-calling of those fighting against Islam's war isn't helping Europe's problems. Fighting against Islam's war on democracy and freedom isn't "Islamophobia" as they would have the world believe.

In the news media you will see fresh stories about the "danger" of Europe moving "right" and the dangers of the beliefs of the "far right." This is how they frame the debate: Good-hearted people against Nazis and bigots. Anyone who disagrees with the leftist media and politicians must be demonized. That's the daily drumbeat.

But the only hope of Europe is to move away from the leftist beliefs that took away the guns of the French police who were killed in Paris. And the neighborhoods across France that are now under Sharia law. And the beheading of  British soldier Lee Rigby on the streets of London. That's where the left's political correctness has taken us. Innocent people murdered, freedom stifled, and more to come.

What happened in Paris wasn't a criminal act. It was yet another battle in Islam's war on the West. And in lieu of gargantuan attacks such as 9/11, these smaller terrorist attacks in Europe and the US will continue.

French President Hollande: Terrorists "have nothing to do with the Muslim religion." That sounds like the same old dangerous thinking, the promotion of the same old fantasy at odds with reality. And that's Europe today.

Where has this pretending that Islam is the same as any other religion gotten anyone, especially the murdered cartoonists in Paris? The Obama Administration, ever politically correct, called Islam a "religion of peace" after the Paris attack, rather than the obvious "religion of war." And Obama refuses to call it "Islamic" terrorism. Running away from the truth is always the first response.

Who's next? Al Qaeda and ISIS will send more terrorists to shoot up restaurants, cafes, and other places in the west. Not if, but when. Will the fantasy the left has created around Islam fall away? How many more deaths will it take? A million?

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