Sunday, January 11, 2015

Europe's Failed Politicians Leading Anti-Terror March in Paris

There's something grotesque about the sight of Europe's failed politicians--Hollande, Merkel, Cameron--leading a million people in a Paris march against Islamist terror.

Aren't they the ones who bear responsibility for the virtual unrestricted flow of radical Muslims into Europe's cities where they spend their time plotting more terror attacks while on state-sponsored welfare?

Isn't it the politicians who turn over sections of their own countries to Muslims and Sharia law, as is the current situation in France?

Even as the marchers gather, the response to calls for unity was met by an arson attack on a German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Mohammed.

And as for unity, French politician Marine Le Pen wasn't even invited to the politically-correct rally. And I wonder if any of the PEGIDA organizers were invited?

Am I supposed to believe that these large street marches accomplish something tangible, such as a decrease in terrorism? So far, it has had no effect (see the aforementioned arson attack) but it's still early.

Anytime you have politicians whose policies have served to destroy traditional western values and caused social chaos over an entire continent leading a huge rally, I think the point of it must be questioned.

It's the politically correct thing to do, that's why they're there, but will those leaders change their policies after they go home tonight? Will policemen in France have guns tonight? Will they enact new laws to stop ripping apart the social fabric of their nations?

No. I don't see that happening.

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