Thursday, January 22, 2015

Drones: The Good and the Bad

Drones can be used for good or bad. The average person hears about them when their hellfire missiles blast a bunch of terrorists somewhere in the Middle East. It's good that the bad guys are zapped but the media will never fail to inform us of any innocent civilians who also perished in the attack.

Lately, commercial drones have become top sellers on Amazon, as the average person can now afford one and have some fun with it.

Terrorists have an interest in drones as well, and have a lot of ideas on how to use them to kill their countless enemies.


  • Kill terrorists
  • Track the movements of terrorists & criminals from overhead
  • Secretly spy on bad guys with insect-sized drones
  • Follow criminals and see where they go, if unable to do so by car
  • Deliver medical supplies to remote areas
  • Take photos and videos from unusual viewpoints
  • Deliver merchandise to customers quickly
  • News gathering by media organizations
  • Rescue swimmers


  • Fly a drone at an airplane, possibly hitting it, creating an emergency
  • Transport drugs across the US-Mexican border
  • Load a drone with explosives and detonate it, causing civilian casualties
  • Attach a gun to a drone and shoot someone
  • Assassinate a world leader
  • Collateral damage of civilians killed alongside terrorists
  • A swarm of numerous mini UAVs equipped with explosives attacking a target--not all can be neutralized.

The good guys need anti-drone technology to thwart any ideas dreamed up by jihadists, such as those mentioned above. We haven't seen any sort of extraordinary tragedy involving the use of drones but obviously that day is coming soon.

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