Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Can Europe Laugh Off Its Muslim No-Go Problem?

Muslim no-go areas in England? In Paris? Why, it's such a wildly inaccurate suggestion. The guy on Fox News who said that has no clue. No one is afraid to walk in any Muslim area in England or France. Is it true?

Now the City of Paris wants to sue Fox News for damage to its "honor and image." This leads me to wonder: after news events in Paris in recent weeks, and the questions raised about Paris and France as a result, what kind of reputation does Paris currently enjoy?

Many news articles have been written over the years regarding the "seething" suburbs of Paris, which house primarily Muslim immigrants. They battle police. They firebomb Jewish synagogues.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo must think we around the world are fools. Who doesn't know that Paris has a serious problem with Muslims? French politicians have said so. The biggest mainstream media media have said so. Citizens who know have said so!

Wasn't the reputation of Paris damaged by its own politicians and what they have done to the city?

The ugly truth is in a report by the Gatestone Institute, "European No-Go Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 1: France."

Robert Spencer writes about Muslim problems in England and France, "No No-Go Zones? Really?"

If Paris politicians want a spotlight on their Muslim problem and a focus on the fears of any person going near those Muslim areas, they will continue with their threat of a lawsuit. Of course they won't. The mayor of Paris knows the truth. And after the laughter over the Fox News comments die down, Paris still has those Muslim suburbs no one dares enter.

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