Saturday, January 3, 2015

25 Million Nazis in Germany?

The anti-Islamization protests in Germany, which lately have drawn around 20,000 marchers, are drawing serious heat from Chancellor Angela Merkel, among others.

The marchers are vilified in the news media, by Merkel, and by Christian Church leaders who will shut out the lights at the Cologne Cathedral to protest the protesters.

If I am to believe the vilifiers, the marchers are "neo-Nazis." That's the drumbeat from those who hold a differing opinion.

Yet a new opinion poll says almost a third of Germans support the marchers. By my rough count, that means about 25 million Germans are therefore "Nazis."

Who believes that? Who believes there are 25 million Nazis in Germany, a third of the population, as Merkel, the leftist media, and the Cologne Church leaders would have us believe?

I suspect there are not nearly so many Nazis in Germany as that, or elsewhere. Germans, and large percentages of the populations of all Western nations are rebelling against the trampling of their traditional Christian heritage by the politicians leading the charge, their friends in the news media, and Muslim immigrants who make absurd demands that always blot out traditional Western values in favor of their own.

Western politicians lack respect for the values of their own populations, as if they are at war with their own citizens. President Obama is another good example of that.

Who voted for this cultural reengineering?

Merkel and the media frame the debate as good-hearted people versus Nazis. But those aren't the battle lines. The debate is between those who want to maintain their cultural heritage versus those who want to tear it apart if favor of someone else's heritage.

The motivation of Merkel, Obama and the others is a hatred of their own cultures.

I don't see so many Nazis in the world but I do see politicians at war with their citizens destroying traditional values and cultures for nefarious reasons.

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