Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obama's Solution to Maintaining Relevancy: Go Rogue

Obama has solved the problem of a second-term president struggling to remain relevant in the last two years of his presidency.

The answer: Go Rogue!

No one ever saw the issue on a ballot, but immigrant numbers have doubled since 1990. And Obama's heavy-handedness in increasing that flow have shocked even some on his side of the political aisle. Obama is deliberately tearing apart the social fabric of the US and causing social chaos. No one will ever call him "The Great Uniter."

  • Bringing in illegal teenagers and depositing them all around the country
  • DHS aiding illegals in entering the country
  • Dramatically cutting back on illegals deported
It was never on a ballot, but Obama decided if something "isn't working" then it need change:
  • Trade deal with repressive rogue regime Cuba
  • Exchanging spies with Cuba to the outrage of survivor families
It was never on a ballot, but who are the good guys, the CIA or Al Qaeda terrorists?
  • Obama approved the Feinstein/Democrats' CIA 'Torture Report' with the expected result that the bad guys around the world can portray the US as torturers and the heat is off them.
It was never on a ballot, but who are the good guys, the police or criminal thugs?
  • Obama did little to stop riots and protests resulting from the death of thug Michael Brown at the hands of a policeman he assaulted. He never said what he knew he needed to say to stop the protests because he never wanted them stopped and always desired a mid-level of street chaos. The Commander in Chief is now hated by most police and military.
Two years remain on Obama's term as president. He has the power to keep the fires burning and even start newer, bigger conflagrations. Anybody care to see the issue on a flash ballot vote and check the results?

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