Sunday, December 21, 2014

Obama Responsible for Anti-Police Climate

Before Obama was elected, was there anything resembling an anti-police climate in the country?


Has Obama done enough to curb anti-police sentiment and support law enforcement?


Overly-restrained language is the hallmark of Obama's comments whenever "supporting" police and "condemning" violent behavior. Clearly, no one in the entire country has listened to his ineffectual words. Is that the intent?

Obama's anti-police attitude began soon after he was elected by claiming Massachusetts police "acted stupidly" when arresting a black Harvard professor. That phrase has followed Obama through the entire length of his administration and here we are today with marches around the nation supporting thugs and threatening police. Obama, having said "A," the marchers now say "B."

If Obama has any problem with those marches and the sentiment behind them, no one is aware of it. He met with demonstrators in Missouri to urge them on, not quiet them down.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) has called on Obama and the news media to stop the "cop bashing."

Does Obama feel any need to go to greater lengths to support the police? No. He is currently in Hawaii saying he "condemns" the killing of the New York police. And what effect is that supposed to have on those who are learning it's okay to hate the police in a very public way?

The "bad guys" are winning in today's world because that's what the leaders of prominent nations are, including our own.

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