Monday, December 22, 2014

Obama's Anti-Police State

Science Fiction or Dystopian novels, such as George Orwell's 1984, will strike fear in the hearts of readers by suggesting a suffocating police state where freedom is outlawed.

Obama's dystopian vision is the opposite. You could plot what has happened over the past 6 years as if it were a deliberate strategy:

  • Call the police "stupid"
  • Encourage anti-police protests under the guide of marches "against police brutality"
  • Visit protesters and tell them to stay the course
  • Use restrained language when condemning violent protest behavior
  • Sit back and remain silent as anti-police protests grow around the country with the attendant violence
  • And then, the predictable outcome: 2 policemen assassinated in New York as "revenge" for someone killed by police

Before Obama, police were the Good Guys and criminal thugs were the Bad Guys. Obama has succeeded in turning that equation upside down, and it is now the police in the crosshairs.

The mainstream media, led by the New York Times, has printed loving portraits of the protesters, describing them as regular folks pushing baby strollers and forming "spontaneous prayer groups. Yet protesters were heard to call for the killing of police officers. I'm not sure if any of them were pushing baby strollers at the time.

Obama's language and statements after the police killings have remained eerily restrained, as if they are voiced because they are expected and necessary but not heart-felt. Have any thugs heard him?

Obama needs to condemn the anti-police marches. He needs to apologize to the police for his antagonistic attitude which has led to the violent anti-police climate in which the country now suffers.

Will Obama man up and admit he is responsible for social chaos and the hatred of police which has blossomed under his administration? No, he won't, because that was the goal all along. Obama's own hatred of the police is clear to all by now.

Obama owes the police. Yet he refuses to say what needs to be said because that would subvert his intentions. Does he have any interest in mending his relationship with them or taking the heat off them from criminals and thugs who look up to him? No.

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