Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Democrats Are Now the Party of the Bad Guys

With the release of the Senate Anti-CIA Report, The long-term political strategy of the Democratic Party has emerged.

After their drubbing at the polls in November, the Democrats have doubled-down on their strategy of amassing voter blocks from the edges of society.

A rundown of some of the groups Democrats court:

1. Anti-CIA and therefore Pro-Terrorist
2. Anti-Police, Anti-Military, Pro Rioter
3. Anti-Citizen, Pro-Illegal Alien
4. Anti-Christian, Pro-Atheist, Pagan, etc.

President Obama and the Democrats, bizarrely, has been publicly wringing their hands over the "torture" of al Qaeda terrorists responsible for 9/11 and who desire to destroy the United States and everything it stands for. The CIA's interrogation methods were "unconscionable." But are Americans joining Obama in shedding tears over the treatment of terrorists?

The release of the Senate Democrats' Anti-CIA Report comes on the heels of a massive Republican victory at the polls in November. The CIA report is the Democrats' attempt to get their mojo back by blaming Bush for "torture." But does the "Bush's Fault" narrative still play? Is it a wise political strategy?

Americans feels increasingly alienated by the Democratic Party because it no longer serves their interests but those of others that are at odds with traditional American values.

After the "shock" value of the CIA report wears thin, questions will emerge demanding answers. Why was the report a strictly Democratic partisan effort with no input from Republicans on the committee? Why didn't they complain when briefed numerous times? Why didn't their investigators interview past CIA directors? Why endanger American lives for no reason? And how are Obama's drones that kill from afar any more ethical than interrogating terrorists?

The Democrats see the CIA report as a means of righting their ship, but is it the event that will capsize it in due time? Can the Democrats continue to spit on those who protect us from terrorists? Can they continue to support illegals over citizens? Rioters over police? 

Where does the Party of the Bad Guys go when the good people revolt?

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