Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Emotional Trauma Theory

If Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed into the south Indian Ocean somewhere off the western coast of Australia, it raises the question why anyone would fly there.

Such a route would mean:

  • There is no destination
  • No intent to crash the plane into a building
  • No intention of landing on a remote airstrip and hiding the plane

The point is to evade radar and "disappear" so no one knows where the plane is. The pilot deliberately headed south toward Antarctica until it ran out of fuel and crashed the plane in a part of the world no one monitors closely. That was the point all along.

It's a childish action, a tantrum, that is the result of emotional trauma. Assuming the pilot, Capt. Zaharie Shah did this deliberately, why would he be on edge psychologically?

  • Flight simulator at home with data recently deleted
  • Attended trial of his political pal (and distant relative as well) Anwar Ibrahim and was upset at the result
  • His family reportedly estranged and moved out of his house days before the flight

That's quite a lot of evidence in just a very short period of time suggesting a problem inside the head of Shah. There is no evidence the co-pilot had any particular issues prior to the flight. There is too much strangeness to chalk it up to coincidence.

Shah's friend, the opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim, was convicted of homosexuality and sentenced to several years in jail. It must be asked what role, if any, the subject of homosexuality played in Shah's meltdown. Is it a sensitive personal issue for him, despite his wife and children? To crash a plane with 239 people over a court ruling of someone who was supposedly nothing more than a political friend? Were they closer than that? 239 lives suggest so. Would Shah have crashed the plane over the jailing of any other person, including his wife and children?

The point of all this was to hide from the world, to create a public relations disaster for Malaysia, which would be held up to ridicule and its airline business hurt because it lost a jumbo jet.

The pilot had no concern for his passengers, which included many Muslims, like himself, though the majority were from China and presumably didn't share the same religion. There is nothing logical about the plane's flight. It can only be understood in terms of emotion and psychological trauma.

How did Shah incapacitate the others on the flight? Did he have access to a gun or knife in the cockpit? Will any of the crew or passengers be found with bullet or knife wounds?


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