Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Hotties Never Shop at Victoria’s Secret

Every large shopping mall in the country boasts one or both of the famous women’s lingerie stores Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Every time I walk by I say to myself, I wonder if there are any hotties in there right now? And after looking through the doorway and windows and passing by, the answer is invariably No. Not even close. It doesn’t matter what mall it is or where, attractive women are never to be seen shopping in one of these stores.

The only time you see pretty girls at these stores is when they are professional models paid to appear on their websites or in their catalogs. You too can look just like this! Just buy something and you’ll be hot, too!

Sometimes I’ll feel sorry for those I do see rummaging around in there and say to myself, not even Victoria’s Secret can help that poor girl. The stores clearly cater to those born without a heaping helping of natural beauty.

Why do the most attractive women seemingly avoid these stores as if they were a fashion plague—or as if wearing their apparel would produce the opposite of the intended effect? Because they only shop by mail order? It’s can’t be true that hotties use nothing but mail order and unattractive women take the trouble to physically trudge into the stores and perhaps solicit some much-needed advice from the clerks. That just can’t be.

Women such as Reese Witherspoon or Taylor Swift don’t need to wear sexy lingerie to accentuate their attractiveness. They would look good in a burlap sack.

Standard lingerie on attractive girls underscores their natural beauty. Expensive lingerie isn’t needed. Perhaps might even be counterproductive. They know they don’t need anything more than something plain without frills and can flaunt their lack of need for anything sensual. It’s like saying, It’s not the lingerie, it’s the girl!

Not needing sexy lingerie is proof that one is irresistible without it.

Women who aren’t hotties need all the help they can get. They are the customer base of lingerie shops. Without them, these stores couldn’t exist.

Lingerie boutiques make a profit by adorning average women with such enticing sensual lingerie that their men will drool at the very sight of them and find them irresistible. And if they weren’t wearing slinky panties, well, things might be different. If not, then why bother?

Next time you’re at the local mall, take a look inside and see if it isn’t true.

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