Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Panel Releases Report on Anthrax Letters Case

A National Academy of Sciences panel released a report reviewing the scientific approaches and scientific conclusions reached by the FBI in their investigation of the anthrax letters case of 2001.

While faulting the FBI for overstating the strength of the genetic analysis linking the anthrax letters to a supply kept by Bruce Ivins, the panel's findings back up the previous conclusion that Ivins was the perpetrator of the anthrax crimes.

The evidence, the panel said, is consistent with and supports an association between the letters and Ivins' anthrax flask.

The FBI and Justice Department issued a joint statement responding to the committee's work and reiterating that Ivins was determined to be "the perpetrator of the deadly mailings."

Reports in the news media play up the critical aspects of the report, but nothing in the report absolves Ivins from guilt.

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