Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New York Times to Solicit Classified Documents

The New York Times is considering ways to solicit and make it easy for anyone with access to secret classified documents to submit them for possible publication.

The Times has a long history of publishing classified documents that have a deleterious effect on US national security, such as exposing the National Security Agency's "warrentless wiretapping" program a few years ago. The Times published the "Pentagon Papers" back in 1971 as well.

Envious of WikiLeaks' treasure-trove of secret diplomatic cables in its possession, the Times surely has been wondering why Julian Assange should be the recipient of such jewels instead of themselves, the leading liberal newspaper publisher in the United States.

Like Al Jazeera, the Times believes it should be a major player in the game of exposing national security secrets, especially considering its unparalleled history in this regard.

The Times may not crudely and baldly advertise for those who possess classified information to break the law, imperil national security, and possibly destroy their own lives and careers, but that is clearly the intent of this new initiative. Classified documents is where all the fun is, as well as the publicity and glory. Open source material, not so much.

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