Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cofer Black: 9/11 Couldn't Be Averted

Cofer Black, former head of the CIA's counterterrorism division, said in a new interview that nothing could have been done to avert 9/11. He said he can't think of a thing "we could have done that would have changed anything."

It's a ridiculous statement with the apparent intention of exculpating himself from any blame for the 2001 terrorist attacks. Somehow, I don't think anyone will go for it. There is plenty of blame to go around and Black should accept that he deserves some of it.

If he could have done nothing, then that is an indictment of his tenure in that job at the CIA. Why are you in the counterterrorism business if you really can't think of anything you could have done to prevent 9/11? Aren't you in the wrong business if you really believe that?

Shouldn't the CIA hire people who know very well that something could have been done to avert 9/11 and know very well what those actions were?

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  1. That statement did not stand alone in the interview. Mr. Black said with "the resources they had" they did the best they could. If the counterterrorists at the CIA had been given more money and people and had been listened to by the Clinton administration sure they may have prevented the attacks. But we'll never know for sure, will we?



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